Below are my personal top 5 highlights from the recent Container World 2017 conference in Santa Clara.

  • Companies are embracing Containers rapidly but quite often expectations are not matching reality. It is combination of people (cultural change) and rapidly changing technology ecosystem that are in varying stages of maturity.
  • Containers will power the next generation of PaaS and breathe new life into the whole concept of PaaS. Also those PaaS will not necessarily be general purpose like we see today but (industry) vertical oriented or purposed around a common theme or business domain.
  • Standards are recognized to be crucial to enterprise adoption. But the standard committees are being very cautious not to be overly detailed, in order to let innovation thrive alongside. Two key standard bodies are OCI (Open Container Initiative) and CNCF (Cloud Native Compute Foundation).
  • Many are hopeful (or believe) 2017 will be a breakthrough year in enterprise adoption. There is increasing rise in companies who are assisting customers with their Container journey (i.e. running at scale in production), or creating new solutions that hide the complexity, via automation to simplify the management and operational experience.  A large presence of Security & Storage vendors represented the market responding to immediate enterprise needs.
  • The biggest gap is around Ops. If a customer has to be handle Container Ops there is very little available in terms of technology solutions, best practices or literature. But perhaps the most import part is the reorientation of people and processes. Most enterprises are creating a “superhero” DevOps team who are responsible for defining and in many cases managing the platform with help from Infrastructure. They serve as the conductors and heavily leverage automation to manage the platform. Automation also enables them to experiment, learn and adapt, without significant disruptions.